Who We Are

Since 1924 special guests have gathered every summer’s Saturday night under Joy Bluff for a gathering we call Campfire. Now you too can join us for the magic, the music and the memories…

Campfire Retreats was founded in the midst of a global pandemic by two childhood friends, Jeff White and Charlie Pomykal. United as campers in the early 80’s and bonded as counselors in the 90’s, Camp Stewart proved to be a constant in an ever changing world. As life got busy, both maintained their friendships and passions for all things #camplife while building their families and careers in Northern Texas and Southern California, yet always finding a way back “home” to camp, together.

Tapping into their counselor rolls, the two reunited with their alma mater and some great friends to create a safe space to gather again and inspire each other around the old campfire and under the familiar vast blanket of Texas stars.

Charlie and Jeff are happy to host groups for retreats along the pristine Guadalupe river at Camp Stewart and various rustic and luxurious locations throughout the world. Their travels, their friends and their families have come to support their time and their talents to bring the best of life to you.

Campfire Retreats produce unique events throughout the year with a focus of bringing out the best that groups have to offer and share. Join one of our upcoming events, or let us create one specifically for you. Regardless, you’ll always be guaranteed a grand ol ‘time and memories that last a lifetime.





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ORGANIZER | jwhite@whitehorse-farms.com